8 Day Pranic Living and Breatharian Process Retreat

8 Day Pranic Living and Breatharian Process Retreat

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Returning to Light


This powerful book contains my personal story of spiritual evolution. The instruction to the 8 Day Energetic Nourishment Method that I been teaching since 2009, this modern logic-minded method is revolutionizing the concept of higher consciousness across the world, transforming perceptions and changing lives for the better.


8 Day Process





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 Pranic Living & Breatharian Process


You are about to join the Amazing 8 Day Process, the step-by-step guided transition to Pranic Living, Mind-blowing, body friendly and without struggles 


Breatharian Meditation


Living On Light


Access new states within the subconscious mind and create new pathways of information and energy to reprogram your belief system. Experience quantum leaps in your potential and evolution.


Breatharian Meditation


Chakra Alignment


"Discover how to Align your Chakras for Immediate Vitality and Health" 

Simply Pres PLAY! and effortlessly follow this proven and simple Breathing Technique for purification and alignment of your body's energy centers.


Breatharian Healing


Memory And Trauma Healing