Eco- Lodge Paradise, near volcanoes and waterfalls.



  • 8 Days of gradual Juice, Water and Dry Fasting

    Scientifically proven; close monitored fasting is the best and most profound way to cleanse the body. Juice fasting, intermittent fasting, water fasting, dry fasting - adapt your challenge and discover the flexibility of your limits.

  • Physical Exercises for Integral Healing

    Connect breath with movement to oxygenate your muscles and release accumulated tension and stress. Explore newfound flexibility in body and mind through perfectly sequenced stretches and exercises.

  • Guided by the world's best Pranic Living and Breatharian Teachers.

  • Powerful Energy Nourishment Techniques

  • Breathing Meditations to Recreate Yourself

    Access new states within the subconscious mind and create new pathways of information and energy to reprogram your belief system. Experience quantum leaps in your potential and evolution.

  • Connect with your Global Tribe

    Join like minded people from around the world in the most evolutionary event of the year.


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This 8dp is very loving and easy. I have worked with other pranic living teachers. There is a big difference in techniques and beingness. I appreciate the love and ease this process offers, and the sweet support we have been gifted. How phenomenally favored we are. How fortunate we are to share this journey.


Netta Coheen, Alternative Wellness Coach


DISCLOSURE: The Breatharian Challenge, Akahmi Arts & Energy educational material, and Akahi and Camila will not and DO NOT teach or encourage anyone to stop eating or change diet. None of the information on this site should be construed as medical advice. For any medical concerns, please seek care and consult from a primary-care provider. If you have medical concerns, check with your physician to see if the Breatharian Challenge is right for you.


​** Disclaimer: This educational program introduces students to healthy lifestyle habits, through Conscious Breathing Practices and does NOT claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. By law and by ethics, we do not guarantee any specific healing results. While the individual wellness tools presented in this program are generally backed by scientific research, the full 8 Day Breatharian Challenge has not been scientifically evaluated. By registering for this program, you take full responsibility for your actions and personal results. You understand that this program does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. You agree to use this program for education and entertainment only. 


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