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IN THIS WEBINAR, you will learn how to TURN ON your Pranic Engine to be able to nourish off Energy, and the most proven techniques to increase the Light percentage in your body.


You Will Learn  alternative ,simple and proven techniques to boost your health and wellbeing 300%, no matter what is your starting point, the breathing techniques I will show you on the webinar will make you aware of the tremendous Inner Power.


Also you will learn:


- What Are the Steps towards Pranic Lifestyle

-How to know if Pranic Living is Right for You

- The most proven and powerful techniques in the world

- How  the Pranic Lifestyle accelerate the Evolution of Consciousness

- Learn first hand our secret Breatharian Techniques

- Q&A session to share your thoughts


By Akahi Ricardo

Founder of Breatharian School 


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  • Length: 90 minutes

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time PST (US California)