Live Online January 25th - 27th 9:00am PST

Become a Certified Breatharian Healer



Breatharian Healing 


Experience 3 days of healing and evolution with leading Breatharian experts Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo and like-minded people from across the world...








The Ultimate Breakthrough in Healing Breath-Work since Rebirthing!

Breatharian Healing teaches you to use your natural breathing process to connect to Source Energy/Quantum Field, expanding senses and perception to a tangible subtle energy interaction with frequencies of light and consciousness. These Breatharian frequencies first became accessible and known in 2008 through Akahi and Camila Breatharian Process, they initially developed an 8 day process, the same is world legendary and until now has reach more than 50.000 people.


The BH frequencies is a new energetic healing model, the Healing Power that Jesus, Buda and only the greatest Masters on Earth where able to attain, is the result of ten years of extraordinary healings and the alchemy of the most powerful breathing techniques on Earth, Breatharian Healing is a blissful connection to a new and always expanding energy field of Light and Possibilities, in which all depths of healing and transformation, expansion and evolution is instantly received. Breatharian healing is for everyone, for the healing of humanity and our planet!



Experience Breatharian Healing in your whole being and become a certified practitioner.


Our flagship retreat, the original 8-Day Breatharian Process* is globally loved. 

After 10 years, with the help of useful recommendations from many in our community, we figured it was time to expand our work around the world by creating a training course for  certified practitioners. That is why we are proud to announce our brand new Breatharian Healing Practitioner Certification Training that will be developed in


Level One: *3 Day Breatharian Healing - Foundational Practitioner Training* 

 Level Two: *3 Day Breatharian Healing - Advanced Practitioner Training*


With our new BREATHARIAN HEALING TRAINING, we hope to teach to people like you the same world famous breathing techniques we've used to heal thousands, plus how to gain energy in your life to become stronger, happier, and healthier.


Breatharian Healing is Healing for Everyone!



A Completely New Healing Model

Scientifically Proven Techniques that combine the greatest transformational tools



The Next Level for Energy Healers


Breatharian Healing is for Yogis, Light Workers, Energy Healers, Spiritual Seekers and every Human Being who wants to experience their Highest Healing Potential

During the BREATHARIAN HEALING Training, you will immerse yourself in the Breatharian Healing Energies and spend 3 full days working closely under Akahi and Camila. 


They will personally teach you to  realize dynamic healing with a whole new level of freedom in all areas of your life - and how to help others realize it in theirs! 


This unforgettable weekend experience emphasizes your ownership of the work, including extensive practice modules with Conscious Breathing Techniques where you will dive in and cohere with these powerful BH Frequencies and powerfully transform together with your classmates. 


You will learn the same Guided Pranic Breathing Techniques we use to heal thousands of people around the world, while expanding your energy centers for distance and holographic healing. Participate in the art of conscious breathing and facilitating the BH session experience, and explore the science and philosophy that is Breatharian Healing. Whether you’re seeking a personal lifelong opportunity, or want to go further and become a Foundational Practitioner, this spectacular life-changing event is for you!

Breatharian Healing' Mission is simple....
 to teach to people like you! how to use conscious breathing to gain energy in your life to become stronger, happier, and healthier.



Hi-Tech Breath Work, Presentations & Interviews Over 3 Days

Day 1


9:00AM Group Event Welcome

9:30PM Lecture: The Essence of Breatharian Healing 

11:00AM Breatharian Healing Introductory Session

12:30PM Day One closure

Day 2


7:00PM Group Welcome - Introduction to Day Two

7:30AM Breatharian Healing Session One: Lecture & Practice

9:00AM Breatharian Healing Session Two: Lecture & Practice

11:00PMBreak, share with students 

11:30AM Breatharian Healing Session Three, Q & A session.

2:00PM Day Two clousure.

Day 3


7:00PM Group Welcome - Introduction to Day Two

7:30AM Breatharian Healing Session One: Lecture & Practice

9:00AM Breatharian Healing Session Two: Lecture & Practice

11:00PMBreak, share with students 

11:30AM Breatharian Healing Session Three, Q & A session.

2:00PM Day Two clousure.

Day 1 - Jan 25th

Breatharian Healing Experience Level One

9am to 12:30pm PST

Introduction: Experience the Source of Light, Health and Consciousness

Experience the state of expanded Energy and Consciousness, through Akahi and Camila's unique and fully Prana immersive techniques. The Breatharian Healing Experience Level One will lay the foundation for dynamic and fully integrated understanding of the techniques that they've used with thousands of people around the world.


This day is dedicated to fully explaining and introducing the fundamentals of Breatharian Healing. Akahi and Camila will cover everything regarding what you can expect to receive, holistic healing through the Breatharian Healing techniques, how and why they work, and the expansion of higher consciousness.  

Day 2 - Jan 26th

Breatharian Healing Experience Level One

7:am - 2pm PST

Breatharian Healing Immersion

Be ready to delve into the principle pillars of Breatharian Healing through the conscious breath.


This day will break down the intricacies of the breath and light energy for you to experience the full power of Breatharian Healing in your body,  mind, emotions, and soul. You will learn to identify how you feel before and after experiencing the proven steps of Akahi and Camila's pillar techniques.


This is your personal day of purification and detoxification on every level of your being. Through the three modules of this day you will experience the profound healing benefits of the Breatharian Healing foundations. This is your opportunity to understand both experientially and intellectually the essence of this breath-work healing art.

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE JAN 25th - 27th, 2019

Day 3 - Jan 27th

Breatharian Healing Experience Level One

Session Starts 7:00am - 2:00pm PST

Self-Healing: The Technology of Everlasting Health and Vitality

This is the day in which the Breatharian Healing principles incarnate in its practitioners. Through the breath you will experience neuro cellular detoxification, releasing traumas, and toxic thought and emotional patterns. You will understanding the correlation between habitual toxic information and its physical manifestations in muscles, organs, tissues, and cells.


Day Three makes self-healing tangible through the in-depth experiential practices and embodiment of the relationship with the breath. The personal interaction with the fundamental pillars of BH creates the template for further development into becoming a practitioner.


All of the fundamentals of Breatharian Healing are tied together, laying the foundation of this powerful and incomparable healing modality.

Akahi & Camila
Breatharian Healing Founders


This will be the most amazing online event and course of your life! We have been teaching and sharing the mind-blowing benefits of Breatharianism for the last 10 years and have seen people from all walks of life heal and transform their lives for the best, over and over again. Now is your time to experience the world's best method to discover your birth-right of vibrant health and happiness!


Save 60% to experience Breatharian Healing level One

Experience the BREATHARIAN HEALING we share with our students firsthand! All the sharing, all the insights, and joy that we share together, the Q&As, each educational and transformative session, everything  will be kept online. When Registered for level one You get VIP Access Pass with lifetime access to the recordings from that level!

Watch from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are and whatever you're doing during the summit on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to hundreds of miles to drive to a hotel or miss the event if you are on holiday.

Just pure educational presentations to help you

Breatharian Healing is updated breathing technology, is filled with the latest actionable techniques and information to help your achieve your dreams of lasting holistic healing and evolution of consciousness.

Hi-Tech Breath Work, the ultimate energy altered state

Akahi and Camila are founders of Breatharian Healing and will teach you, their scientifically proven breath work healing techniques, so you know you will be learning from the world's best.

 Revolutionary Health and Higher Consciousness. 

  • Fasting combined with Conscious Breathing is the best and most profound way to cleanse the body and soul. Juice fasting, water fasting, discover the flexibility of your limits.​

  • Access new states within the subconscious mind and create new pathways of information and energy. 

  • Learn short time and direct breathing to Heal Yourself and heal others.

  • Specialized breathing techniques for incremented amounts of oxygen and energy within you, enhancing your life with lasting benefits, such as greater energy, integral wellness, and happiness.​​

  • Join like minded people from around the world in the most evolutionary event of the year.​​

  • Experience quantum leaps in your potential and evolution.​


What Breatharian Healing offers!



  • Get more ENERGY and VITALITY

  • Enjoy a LIFE of true FOOD FREEDOM, eat only for pleasure.

  • SAVE lots of WORK, MONEY and TIME

  • Better Sleep ( need less sleep time )

  • Live much longer (Life extension)

  • GET RID of FEARS, activate new levels of Self-Confidence

  • Detoxify Unhealthy Information from your Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul

  • Gain Deeper Connection and Self Love

  • Heal Traumas and Remove their toxic information from the Body Cells

  • Boost Your Physical and Spiritual Energy

  • Learn powerful and simple breathing techniques for your daily life and more...


The Ultimate Breakthrough in Healing Breath-Work since Rebirthing!

This will be the most amazing Healing Breath Work online event and course of your life. We have been teaching and sharing the mind-blowing benefits of Breatharian Healing for the last 10 years and have seen people from all walks of life heal and change their lives for the best, over and over again. Now is your time to discover the power  of conscious breathing and experience a new source of light and energy for vibrant health and happiness.

Where is the event being held? 

We'll be using Zoom Webinar Platform for our live online event. The platform gives us the opportunity to interact via video call, making it so that participants can also turn on their camera to be seen and heard by the group if they want. It's really fun! After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the webinar and instructions on how to log in.

Who is Breatharian Healing best suited for? 

What if I can't make the live event on Jan 25th - 27th? 

Is Breatharian Healing Level One Just Online?

This is how Breatharian Healing started




Retreats and Workshops around the WORLD  


Travel to exciting retreat locations wordwide for the experience of your life, the extraordinary 8 DAY BREATHARIAN CHALLENGE


March 3rd, 2019

Costa Rica


Organizer: Breatharian Challenge Staff

Mobil Phone: 1 707 623 8132

Location: Turrialba, Costa Rica 

Date: March 3 to 10

All Inclusive Fee: $1180usd

​Early Bird: $980


June 8th, 2019

San Francisco - Ca. USA


Organizer: Breatharian Challenge Staff

Mobil Phone: 1 707 623 8132

Location: San Francisco CA, USA

Date: June 8th

All Inclusive Fee: $1580usd


August 3rd, 2019

Krakow - Poland


Organizer: 8DP Team

Mobil Phone: 1 707 623 8132

Location: Krakow

Date: August 3th to 10th

All Inclusive Fee: 1100eur

Early Bird: 880eur


October September 21st, 2019

Paris - France


Organizer: Venkate Aroulanda

Mobil Phone: 0033616986067

Location: Paris France

Date: September 21st - Capacity: 20 people

Fee: €980eur

​Early Bird Special: €750eur


October 19th, 2019

Ibiza - Spain



Mobil Phone: 1 707 623 8132

Location: Ibiza - Spain

Date: October 19th

All Inclusive Fee: 1100eur

Fee for Ibiza locals: 750eur


** Disclaimer: This educational program introduces students to healthy lifestyle habits, through Conscious Breathing Practices and does NOT claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. By law and by ethics, we do not guarantee any specific healing results. While the individual wellness tools presented in this program are generally backed by scientific research, the full 8 Day Breatharian Challenge has not been scientifically evaluated. By registering for this program, you take full responsibility for your actions and personal results. You understand that this program does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. You agree to use this program for education and entertainment only. 


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