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        8 Day On-Demand Online Training Program To Become Breatharian,

        ...Experience and Learn The World's Most Powerful Breathwork Techniques

         And Become Breatharian!


           How to activate your energy centers and spiritual gifts.

          ➽ How to nourish your body on Prana.

          ➽ How to safely Fast to reach the ultimate detoxification
          ➽ How to do powerful energy healing on others.

          ➽ How to remove your biggest energy blocks.

          By MASTERING THE BREATH you can ACTIVATE your ENTIRE energetic body on a comprehensive and deep level...


          Not just the chakras, or the auras... but everything down to blockages stuck on a deep cellular level that MOST healing modalities don't address. 

          All this and more, you'll master in our 8-day Breatharian Method... 

          You will get immediate access to all  the training videos that are available inside our secure membership area.


          The videos are designed in such a way that you would be able to go through the entire training program in just 8 days, all at the comfort of being in your own home.


                  Join Us Live To Experience the Scientifically Proven Breatharian Method for Alternative Healing and Consciousness Evolution, an event for Wellness Enthusiasts, Energy Healers, Conscious Breathers, Yogis, Light Workers and for You"


                  I Am Akahi Ricardo Salas

                    Me and my wife Camila have been recognized as the world's best Pranic Living and Breathwork Healers by The NewYork Post, CNN, Collective Evolution, The Sun and The Yahoo News.

                      AS SEEN ON

                          8 DAY PRANIC PROCESS



                          27 COUNTRIES, OVER 60.000 LIVES CHANGED.


                          Experience 8 days of healing and evolution with leading Breatharian experts 

                          Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo and like-minded people from across the world...



                            1. Developed By Breatharian Masters 

                            Akahi's 8 Day Breatharian Program is different. I have more than a decade of experience teaching this. I’m not just giving you theory – I’m giving you “in the trenches” techniques that really work!

                              2. Research Based And Scientifically Proven

                              Breathwork Healing is a completely new Healing Model based on the Three Powerful Pillars of Breathwork, Fasting & Life Energy.



                                LIFE ENERGY

                                It uses scientifically proven techniques that combine the greatest transformational tools.

                                3. Result Oriented

                                We now have a community of over 50,000 people across 23 countries who have had miraculous results and transformations using the Breatharian Method.

                                  "I wanted a permanent shift. I wanted 'no looking back'. I experienced a lot lot of amazing things. But the real magic was the incredible shift in my inner consciousness"

                                  Zack Horrell,

                                  Athlete, NewZeland

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                                         Includes Everything You need to Become Breatharian

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                                          Watch the Live Online Training from anywhere in the world 24/7 with your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device, We'll be using Webinar Jam, and Zoom as an alternative. You will have the opportunity to interact via video call, making it so that participants can also turn on their camera (at specific times) to be seen and heard by the group if they want. It's really fun! After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the webinar and instructions on how to log in.

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                                        Have you ever wondered how time recognized spiritual masters were able to attain lasting enlightenment, longevity, vibrant health, and spiritual evolution? All of them practiced intermittent and prolonged periods of fasting to purify their bodies, connect to the forces of elemental energy, and activate their superhuman capacities.


                                        We've created the 8 Day Breatharian Challenge -  Pranic Living Transition for you to experience those benefits, meeting you wherever you are, right now in your life! You'll decide how many days you want to do the challenge, and you choose how to design your fasting (smoothies, juices, water/teas, dry - or none at all!).  With the Breatharian Challenge, you can take back the control of your life and own your unique evolutionary process. 


                                        The 8 Day Breatharian Process teaches you to use your natural breathing process to connect to Source Energy/Quantum Field, expanding senses and perception to a tangible subtle energy interaction with frequencies of light and consciousness. The 8 Day Breatharian Process is worldwide legendary and until now has reached more than 50.000 people.



                                        This will be the most amazing online event and course of your life. We have been teaching and sharing the mind-blowing benefits of Breatharianism for the last 10 years and have seen people from all walks of life heal and change their lives for the best, over and over again. Now is your time to experience the challenge to discover your birth-right of vibrant health and happiness.

                                        • 8 Days of Juice Fasting

                                          Scientifically proven; fasting is the best and most profound way to cleanse the body. Juice fasting, intermittent fasting, water fasting, dry fasting - adapt your challenge and discover the flexibility of your limits.

                                        • Physical Exercises for Integral Healing

                                          Connect breath with movement to oxygenate your muscles and release accumulated tension and stress. Explore newfound flexibility in body and mind through perfectly sequenced stretches and exercises.

                                        • Akahi & Camila Personalized Mentorship

                                          Guided by the world's best Pranic Living and Breatharian Teachers.

                                        • Powerful Energy Nourishment Techniques

                                          Akahi & Camila's specialized breathing techniques activate  incremented amounts of oxygen and energy within you, enhancing your challenge with lasting benefits, such as greater energy, integral wellness, and happiness.​

                                        • Advanced Sungazing Techniques


                                          Access new states within the subconscious mind and create new pathways of information and energy to reprogram your belief system. Experience quantum leaps in your potential and evolution.

                                        • Connect with your Global Tribe

                                          Join like minded people from around the world in the most evolutionary event of the year.


                                        TONS OF BENEFITS

                                        The Breatharian Challenge offers!

                                        • EXPERIENCE the ULTIMATE DETOXIFICATION Degree

                                        • CONNECT with a NEW and powerful SOURCE OF NOURISHMENT

                                        • Get more ENERGY and VITALITY

                                        • Enjoy a LIFE of true FOOD FREEDOM, eat only for pleasure.

                                        • SAVE lots of WORK, MONEY and TIME

                                        • Better Sleep ( need less sleep time )

                                        • Live much longer (Life extension)

                                        • GET RID of FEARS, activate new levels of Self-Confidence

                                        • Detoxify Unhealthy Information from your Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul

                                        • Gain Deeper Connection and Self Love

                                        • Heal Traumas and Remove their toxic information from the Body Cells

                                        • Boost Your Physical and Spiritual Energy

                                        • Learn powerful and simple breathing techniques for your daily life and more...

                                        WHY YOU SHOULD CLAIM YOUR TICKET NOW...

                                        This will be the most amazing online event and course of your life! We have been teaching and sharing the mind-blowing benefits of Breatharianism for the last 10 years and have seen people from all walks of life heal and transform their lives for the best, over and over again. Now is your time to experience the world's best method to discover your birth-right of vibrant health and happiness!


                                        Learn the Breatharian Method

                                        Experience the world famous 8 DAY BREATHARIAN METHOD firsthand! All the sharing, all the insights, and joy that we share together, the Q&As, each educational and transformative session, everything  will be kept online. When Registered for level one You get VIP Access Pass with lifetime access to the VIDEO recordings!

                                        Watch from anywhere and on any device

                                        Login from wherever you are and whatever you're doing during the summit on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to hundreds of miles to drive to a hotel or miss the event if you are on holiday.

                                        Just pure educational presentations to help you

                                        Breatharian Method is updated breathing technology, is filled with the latest actionable techniques and information to help your achieve your dreams of lasting holistic healing and evolution of consciousness.

                                        Hi-Tech Breath Work, the ultimate energy altered state

                                        Akahi and Camila are founders of the 8 Day Breatharian Method, will teach you, their scientifically proven breath work healing techniques, so you know you will be learning from the world's best.

                                        Where is the Webinar Platform the event is being held? 

                                        Who is the Breatharian Challenge best suited for? 

                                        What is the daily schedule


                                        What if I can't make on time for the daily sessions, Can I watch it later? 


                                        Is the Breatharian Challenge Just Online?

                                        This is the 8 Day Pranic Lifestyle Process by Akahi*Ricardo





                                        NEW BOOK


                                        Becoming Breatharian


                                         Since 2002 Ricardo Akahi travels around the world, mastering ancient traditions and disciplines of the healing arts and with the mission to raise consciousness in humanity by sharing the revolutionary 8 Day Breatharian Process. This book will open your understanding to a newly developed and comprehensive way of energetic nourishment.


                                        Breatharian Meditations

                                        • Self Reprogramming Breathing

                                          Reprogram pattern or beliefs sabotaging your wellbeing and success.

                                        • Light Body Activation


                                          Experience the full activation of your Chakras and Energy Body.

                                        • Infinite Pranic Breathing

                                          The most powerful breatharian technique to reach The Pranic State.

                                        The Breatharian Meditations Collections includes 3 live recorded sessions of 60 minuntes each.



                                        Breatharian Healing


                                        Memory And Trauma Healing


                                        Guided Breathing Session to Reprogram Unhealthy Memories and Traumas.


                                        Breatharian Meditation


                                        Chakra Alignment


                                        Discover how to Align your Chakras for Immediate Vitality and Health 


                                        Follow this proven and simple Breathing Techniques for purification and alignment of your body's energy centers.


                                        DISCLOSURE ONE: The Breatharian Challenge, Akahmi Arts & Energy educational material, and Akahi and Camila will not and DO NOT teach or encourage anyone to stop eating or change diet. None of the information on this site should be construed as medical advice. For any medical concerns, please seek care and consult from a primary-care provider. If you have medical concerns, check with your physician to see if the Breatharian Challenge is right for you.


                                        ​** Disclaimer: This educational program introduces students to healthy lifestyle habits, through Conscious Breathing Practices and does NOT claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. By law and by ethics, we do not guarantee any specific healing results. While the individual wellness tools presented in this program are generally backed by scientific research, the full 8 Day Breatharian Challenge has not been scientifically evaluated. By registering for this program, you take full responsibility for your actions and personal results. You understand that this program does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. You agree to use this program for education and entertainment only. 


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